A Cowboy Christmas: An American Tale (Signed)
A Cowboy Christmas: An American Tale (Signed)
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A Cowboy Christmas: An American Tale (Signed)

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A Cowboy Christmas: An American Tale by Tom Van Dyke (Page Branch Publishing, 2015). Fifth edition trade paperback book in Like New condition. Signed by author on title page.


“IT’S GOOD AND IT MOVES! Tom Van Dyke tells a rousing tale of a young man learning how to cowboy and finding the girl of his dreams. I’ve written a good 40 western stories and learned a lot from Tom’s book.”

A Cowboy Christmas An American Tale reveals the true American West but goes even further. A man and woman who refuse to let a soaring relationship disappear is a sign of life on earth at its best.”
Author of 
Dances With Wolves

—TRUE WEST Magazine

A MYSTICAL TALE when dreams were chased with reckless abandon, when life was raw and unfor-giving, when the adventure of WB, a young boy with a spark for life and a wild sense of freedom encounters the Spirit of the West sparking a 
magical connection that will forever shape his destiny as he fearlessly ventures into a frontier of untamed majesty, bigger and more beautiful than any dream, inviting us to embrace the magic that dwells within the human spirit. . . .

TOM VAN DYKE is a nationally recognized film producer/director, award-winning screenwriter and best-selling author. One of his motion pictures was considered for nomination of an Academy Award®.